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The mission of SLC is to provide an educational facility dedicated to developing self-esteem, confidence, and social skills, while providing a foundation for a child's high level of academic achievement.


About Us

Seashore Learning Center is an open-enrollment, public charter school serving grades K-4.  We provide multi-age classes for students living in Padre Island, Flour Bluff, Port Aransas, the Naval Air Station, and National Seashore.

Because SLC is a school of choice, parents and students considering this school should be committed to regular attendance and consistently turning in homework and completing assignments.  In order for your students to be successful, this must be a goal shared by all.  Please consider this school wide philosophy as you make your choice.




Seashore Learning Center is located on North Padre Island, Corpus Christi, Texas.  Our campus is just a "stone's throw away" from the Gulf of Mexico. This makes Seashore an ideal campus for learning about marine and environmental science. Students can often be found combing the beaches of Padre Island for marine specimens and information to support in-class assignments. What a wonderful and ideal learning environment!


Nondiscrimination Statement

Seashore Learning Center will not discriminate in admissions based on gender, national origin, ethnicity, religion, disability, academic, artistic, or athletic ability, or the district the child would otherwise attend.

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Seashore Learning Center
15801 S. Padre Island Dr.
Corpus Christi, TX 78418

Phone: 361-949-1222
Fax:    361-949-6762

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